Announcing New Award Designations for 2007

The Award for Distinguished Leadership of an HR Organization

This award recognizes a senior HR professional for inspiring others: to achieve and get desired results within a framework of ethical conduct and visionary influence resulting in driving competitive advantage through human resources excellence.

The Award for Successful Strategic Alignment

This award honors an individual (or team) for creating the path to connect manpower talent and goals within an ethical framework to support corporate achievement insuring profitability and sustainability. (This award is available to an individual HR official or to a team.  The team could include one or more HR officials; it could also include key consultants to those officials.)

The Award for Innovation

This award recognizes an individual or a team for their efforts: in creating, generating and transforming personnel ideas and talent into effective and profitable value within a framework of ethical conduct.

The Award for Mentoring

The winner of this Award: demonstrates a virtual lifetime of support to the development of HR professionals and advancing the profession in general through their own ethical principles.   Their support could take the form of informal coaching and mentoring, of teaching in university or other settings, or of leadership in professional societies.

The Award for Community Service

This award recognizes a HR leader for personal contributions to the community.  It may also recognize a HR leader for helping his or her organization to meet its social responsibilities. The Award is presented in honor of Sister Eymard Gallagher, RSHM, and former President of Marymount University.

The Dr. J.P. London Award for Promoting Ethical Behavior

Winners of this award should display the commitment to values and ethics that Dr. London has displayed throughout his career.