Human Resources Professional Excellence Award – Commercial/For-Profit

Nominations for the Human Resources Professional Excellence – Commercial/For-Profit Sector, will be judged on the importance of the business issue or opportunity addressed, the innovative nature of the action taken, and the tangible results derived.


Due to various titles across organizations and industry sectors, the nominee must be equivalent to, or assume the duties of, a senior level human resources professional.

Nomination Criteria

Nominations should demonstrate evidence that the nominee significantly influences the development of workplace strategies, policies and practices that enhance the image of the HR profession and benefit the organization served.

Please include all the items required to complete your nomination. Self-nominations are accepted. By nominating this person, you attest to his/her ethical standards and behavior.

In no more than three pages, address the issues below to aid the Selection Committee in giving full consideration to the person you are nominating. In outlining why you’ve nominated this person:

1. Describe the business situation, problem, or opportunity that the nominee helped address and the environment in which this situation existed.

2. Describe the actions taken by the individual to merit this nomination and the general time frame in which these actions were taken.

3. Describe what the outcomes/results of these actions were and how they made a difference. Include any key measures or metrics used to determine success and the nominee’s performance against these measures.

4. Summarize the nominee’s employment history with the current organization and within the profession, as well as his or her certifications and HR education.

5. Describe how the nominees’ contributions were evaluated on their significance, innovation, effectiveness, and impact, as well as the extent to which they were or will be used successfully by others.

6. Describe key attributes that were demonstrated by the nominee through the problem-solving or challenge process. Describe the resources that were dedicated to the programs/efforts.

Select three or more of the following qualities and give examples of how the nominee demonstrated them in the course of achieving the results for which he or she is being nominated.

– Leadership: Inspires others to achieve a common goal, models appropriate behaviors, empowers others to act, removes barriers, and recognizes the contributions of others.

– Teamwork: Works effectively and cooperatively with others at all levels and functional areas. Helps the team follow a disciplined approach to problem solving and manages conflict to achieve win-win outcomes.

– Strategic Business Partnership: Works as part of the management team to ensure that organization structure, staffing, management processes, and reward systems are aligned to support the business strategy and contribute to bottom-line profitability or efficiency.

– Risk Taking: Willing to proactively challenge the status quo, operate outside his/her comfort zone, and chart new paths. Not afraid to make mistakes and learns from them.

– Creativity and Innovation: Thinks outside the box. Builds on others’ ideas. Possesses a “can-do” attitude that inspires others to reach for solutions.

– Vision and Focus: Able to create and articulate a compelling and viable vision for the future. Sets goals and focuses on achieving them.

– Communication: Uses multiple approaches or media to foster effective communication throughout the organization. Personally demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills.

– Interpersonal Skills: Builds strong relationships both inside and outside the organization. Effective at “selling” ideas. Able to influence others and willing to be influenced.

– Ethics: Consistently demonstrates high ethical and moral standards and encourages others to do the same. Operates as a responsible corporate citizen by complying with laws and regulations.

– Development: Goes beyond the norm to develop self and others. Looks for opportunities to learn new skills and helps others grow through effective coaching, mentoring, and delegation.

– Change Management: Has demonstrated skills that helped adopt changes successfully, including creating a receptive climate for change and overcoming resistance to change.


Your nomination must be received by April 5, 2002. Submit your nomination by email, fax, or mail.