The Students Scholarship and Awards grants up to scholarships in an amount – $3,000 yearly for students deciding to make a career in the HR sphere.

Our today’s 2018 students getting grants for studying are:

  1. Georgia Elliott, Strayer University;
  2. Megan Dawson, Michigan State University;
  3. Harrison Pollard, Strayer University;
  4. Peter Kaur, Brown University.

Gracie Fuller | Leader, Total Rewards, Personal & Corporate Design

Gracie Fuller possesses more than 20 years’ experience as a member of awards and scholarship grants giving to talented students having a great desire to study. Focused an attention on creating awards patterns that improve an engagement, Gracie Fuller has a strong belief that when the employment staff knows they are valued they will have a great motivation for further development.

Being a professional specialist in this HR sphere, Gracie has quickly awarded the trustability with HR, management, and executive leadership teams because of her progressive method in working out programs and requirements that foster students for getting grants for further personal and professional development.

Gracie is characterized as an active participant in the HR community.

Ben Harrison | Program Director for the Master of Professional Studies in HRM, the University of Texas at Austin

Ben Harrison is a Program Director for the Master of Professional Studies in HRM at the University of Texas at Austin. He is characterized as a skilled leader oriented on creating the priorities for more than 10 years already. His experience is comprised of running full project life cycles while keeping various programs, as well as running business activities, marketing, and social media pattern and public relations activities. He has also skills in curriculum working out, program analysis/design, and all aspects of Human Resources.

Ben gained his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Texas and is currently confirming his Masters of Science degree in Project Management from the Catholic University of America.

There are some other scholarships in other educational spheres including If you are interested in financial scholarship, you are welcome to visit this website for a detailed explanation.