2009 HRLA Winners


Larry Clifton | CACI

As senior vice president of Recruiting and Workforce Planning, Larry Clifton clearly communicates CACI’s expectations that employees treat everyone with dignity and respect, be team players, take initiative, and produce results. He has piloted new recruiting technologies to attract top talent using a candidate-centric hiring approach which resulted in a 37% hiring increase in 2008. In addition, he implemented a program for wounded veterans, Deploying Talent, Creating Careers. Through this innovative program, CACI hired 133 veterans with disabilities last year.


Robbins-Gioia HR Team | Led by Charlene Chesley

The Robbins-Gioia team has established a learning culture through its comprehensive and engaging career development program, which includes career counselors, an award-winning corporate university, an intensive leadership development program, and a Creating Careers in Consultancy Resource Guide. As a result, revenue per full-time employee has increased 29% and employee turnover has decreased for the past two years. In addition, employee surveys show high satisfaction (5 out of 5) with work-life balance, good use of employee skills, recognition and award, and a workplace free of discrimination.


Bob Waters | Northrop Grumman

Bob Waters is vice president for Human Resource Strategy and Talent Acquisition at Northrop Grumman and believes that everyone has leadership potential. He is also convinced that true leaders unlock that potential in others. Using a rotation approach with his team, each member has the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of major sub-functions in HR. While expecting the best, he also believes in work-life balance and exemplifies this commitment to family and community by serving as a Chantilly (CYA) youth lacrosse and basketball coach for 10+ years. He also mentored student teams in robotics and science and served as a member and Chairman of the American Cancer Society’s Corporate Crusader fundraising team for several years.


Anne Monahan | BAE Systems

Director of Talent Management and Succession at BAE Systems, Anne Monahan implemented the Future Senior Leader’s Initiative which identifies and assesses high potential employees and creates customized development plans to prepare them for leadership positions. The process she developed has been adopted as a global best practice by BAE Systems.


Gus Siekierka | CSC

Gus Siekierka is vice president of Human Resources at CSC and views the company’s Management Principles as much more than an obligatory document; they are the foundation for daily practice at CSC around the world. He ensures that all employees participate in ethics training, sign a personal commitment to uphold CSC’s Code of Ethics, and receive direct communication from the CEO regarding the company’s ethical practices. Siekierka was recently named CSC’s Chief Ethics Officer. He also chairs the Ethics Committee Working Group and the CSC Global Diversity Council, as well as oversees the annual ethics training program and the CSC internal ethics hotline, Openline.


The DLT Foundation | Led by Chris Laggini

Funded by an annual contribution of $10,000 from DLT Solutions, Inc., as well as fund-raising events, the DLT Foundation was founded two years ago to give back to the local community. Each year, employees conduct a Toys-for-Tots drive. Other outreach efforts have included money for a SMART Board at Island Creek Elementary School in Fairfax; assistance for employees with special needs (wheelchair; trip to Disney World for a terminally ill colleague); and support for such charities as the American Cancer Society, Parkinson’s Foundation, Lorton Community Center, and Help the Homeless Walkathon. Potential beneficiaries are reviewed by an all-employee review board.


Donna Diederich | Director of HR and New Business Pursuits, Northrop Grumman
Harriet Dunlap | Director of HR, TechTeam Government Solutions
Kate Nekic | Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton