General Information

Q: What is the purpose of the HR Leadership Awards?
A: The Human Resource Leadership Awards of Greater Washington is the only independent awards program to
recognize individuals and teams who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and strategic vision within the HR function. HRLA via its HR Leadership Scholarship Program provides scholarships to professionals seeking advancement in their careers through continued education in undergraduate, graduate, or certificate programs.

Q: What is the history of the Awards?
A: With a vision to promote and advance human resource excellence, the Awards were founded in 2001 by Marymount University and local business executives. Today it is the largest and only independent human resource awards program in the area. For further information, go here.

Q: For what are the Awards given?
A: The HR Leadership Awards honor human resource professionals and teams for outstanding contributions to their organizations and to the field of human resource management. Awards are granted in the following five categories:
– Leadership
– CHRO of the Year
– Strategic Alignment
– The Sister Eymard Gallagher Award for Service to Others
– The Dr. J.P. London Award for Integrity

Q: When is the Awards Gala and how can I purchase tickets/tables?
A: The HRLA Gala takes place each June. For the most up-to-date information, go here.

Q: If I have questions about the Awards (nominating, scholarships, sponsorship, annual gala, etc.), who should I contact?
A: You can reach the HRLA Executive Director by email or phone 703.284.1216


Q: How do I nominate someone?
A: Fill out the nomination form on our website at www.hrleadership.org/nominate.

Q: Does the nominator have to fill out the application?
A: No, the nominator is not responsible for filling out the actual award application although we highly encourage the nominator to be involved in the process. The nominator will have a different perspective on the nominee that would be beneficial to include as it is not always easy to highlight our own accomplishments and skills. In the same light, it is highly encouraged to involve the nominee’s marketing team and others to gain their input as well.

Q: I want to nominate someone for CHRO of the Year, but I am not a CEO, can I still nominate my CHRO?
A: The CHRO of the Year candidates must be nominated by their CEO or equivalent in the company.

Q: Will the nominee know that I have submitted the nomination?
A: Once you have filled out the nomination form online completely, the Executive Director and Awards Committee Chair will reach out to the nominee via email and copy the nominator alerting the nominee of the nomination and the steps to take to proceed to the application process. The nominee will also be invited to attend the next upcoming Award Application Boot Camp seminar as well as notified about having a mentor through the process if desired.

For information on nominations, refer to the nominations page.

Awards and the Judging Process

Q: How many award recipients are selected?
A: One award winner and two finalists are normally selected for each award category, based on
the quality and quantity of the nominations received.

Q: Who are the judges?
A: Our panel of judges, which changes from year to year, includes prominent business and HR executives from the commercial, non-profit, and government sectors.

Q: When are the awards announced?
A: Finalists and winners are announced at the HRLA Awards Gala each June.

Q: What do the winners receive?
A: Winners receive a trophy commemorating this honor. Information on winners and finalists is also included in a special magazine as well as on the HRLA website.


For questions specific to scholarships, refer to the Scholarships page.

Scholarship deadline is in March of each year.


For questions about corporate sponsorships, refer to the Sponsorship page or call the Executive Director directly at 703-284-5916.