Student Scholarship 2018 Initiated by Trust Pharmacy

Student Scholarship

On August 13, students of the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences were awarded the grants initiated by Trust Pharmacy for the best students-pharmacists. In the opinion of the commission consisting of the representatives of the Pharmaceutical Department and the pharmacy network, the best students were Saran Cooper and Maria Pritchard. Both of them are excellent students, conducting active scientific work and working in pharmacies in parallel with their studies in the daytime department.

Financial support for talented students

The selection took place in several stages. The students wrote essays on the topics asked by the company, and then the applicants waited for an interview with experts who assessed both the level of knowledge and the motivation of young people: will they be able to become part of the pharmacology industry or engage in academic science in the future? In total, 20 senior students of the medical and pharmaceutical departments took part in the competition.

“The project is aimed at finding, identifying talented students and graduate students to provide them with financial support during the education period,” the head of Trust Pharmacy explained.

The winners will get $300 per month within one year. The pharmacy initially established such a scholarship for the students-pharmacists of the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and also plans to give it annually. Since last year, the company has presented personal scholarships to the best students of the Pharmaceutical College. This pharmacy is one of the largest and fastest-growing pharmacies in 2018.

“We are connected with the medical academy by business cooperation for a long time. We decided to establish our scholarships for the best students of the pharmaceutical faculty “, – the head of the enterprise said.

The company noted that the scholarship is an incentive for talented students, so that they do not look for work-offs while studying, but engaged in science. At the same time, if the scholars continue to study well, they will continue to receive a scholarship until the end of the university.

We will add that this is the first joint project of the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and the pharmaceutical company. A total of 300 students and post-graduate students from universities receive scholarships from Trust Pharmacy.