SSA Announcement

Strayer University announced the end of the Students Scholarship and Awards (SSA). It has a successful fifteen-year-old experience of honoring excellence in its profession, Strayer University, the founder of HRLA, decided to move forward after a concert and consideration of the University’s initiatives.

The University is grateful all volunteers who spent much time and efforts to SSA. Strayer University appreciates all sponsors who supported the Students Scholarship and Awards over the years. We are grateful those who were nominated for the awards, whose dedication to the human resource profession promotes the overall success of their businesses.

Strayer University is grateful for having the SSA experience for the past 10 years. SSA’s aim is the development of the human resource profession. The goal of Strayer University is to continue supporting Human Resource Management. We are proud of our HRM graduates and the huge contributions they make to our community every day.

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Student Scholarship 2018 Initiated by Trust Pharmacy

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