HR Leadership Awards of Greater Washington

Our world of work is constantly changing. Globalization. Mergers and acquisitions. Restructuring and downsizing. Workforce diversity. Safety and security. Developing and retaining talent. These are just some of the many challenges and opportunities facing organizations today.

Employees are key to meeting strategic objectives. They are the heart of any organization — enabling it to grow and increase in value to shareholders or stakeholders. More and more, organizations view their employees as assets and an investment in the success of the organization. At the same time, employees seek career opportunities, not just a job.

Today’s human resources executive is often among an organization’s strategic leaders – a business partner and guiding force that can help lead your organization through this changing environment.

Recognize Valuable Contributions

Whether your organization is a for-profit private or publicly-traded company…a local, state or federal government agency…or an educational or non-profit organization…you can acknowledge the critical role played by your HR professional(s) and recognize the valuable contribution made by HR individuals and/or teams who have exemplified best in class leadership.

The HR Leadership Awards of Greater Washington have been created to recognize exemplary leadership and contributions in the Human Resources profession in the greater Washington, DC, area.

You or your organization may participate in numerous ways:

  • Nominate Human Resources professionals for the Awards
  • Be a Sponsor of the 2003 Awards
  • Attend the Awards Gala on Tuesday, June 3, 2003 at the McLean Hilton

Honor Excellence in Human Resources

The Human Resources Professional Excellence Awards recognize HR professionals who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in addressing a critical business issue, challenge or opportunity by enhancing an organization’s efficiency, performance, cost management or profitability.

In 2003, four awards will be given for Human Resources Professional Excellence, to professionals in different sectors:

  • Large Commercial
  • Small Commercial
  • Government
  • Non-Profit Organizations

The Community Service/Corporate Social Responsibility Award promotes the principals of HR leadership taught in the classroom and recognizes the ways that HR can influence and guide organizations in their corporate social responsibilities. This Award is presented in honor of the former president of Marymount University, Sister Eymard Gallagher, RSHM, who led the formation and development of one of the most highly regarded human resources university programs in the region.

The Ethics Award salutes those HR professionals who also strive to put ethics and professionalism first. Presented in honor of CACI Chairman, President and CEO Dr. J.P. (Jack) London, the Award reflects his commitment to the highest ethical standards. CACI’s Code of Ethics delineates his uncompromising ethical policies and reflects his number one business value: “Placing integrity and honesty above all else.”

Nominate Your Outstanding HR Leader Today!

Award candidates may be nominated by:

  • Senior level executives within their organization
  • Other professionals in the field

To nominate an HR professional and/or team:

1. Review the Nominations Guidelines
2. Download an Adobe .pdf version of the Nomination guidelines or request a copy by fax or mail
3. Complete your nomination and return it by Monday, April 14, 2003.


Contact Marie Assir, HR Leadership Awards Administrator, at 703-284-1275 or
[email protected] for more information about the HR Leadership Awards of Greater Washington.